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Miyagi & Andy Panda Arnella's Tour

Miyagi & Andy Panda Arnella's Tour

❗The European tour is held in support of the seriously ill Arnella Persaeva❗

instagram: arnella_persik

All proceeds from the sold merchandise will be sent to Arnella's parents for the treatment of the child. Also we are going to put donation boxes at the concerts, where everyone can contribute to help the little girl.

The Hajime Records team has decided to donate the entire proceeds from the European tour to Arnelle.

We can help save one little life only by making common efforts❗

Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Great Britain, meet Miyagi & Andy Panda! As part of the European tour, they will perform for the first time with large solo concerts in such large cities as Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, London!

The music of Miyagi & Andy Panda won the hearts of listeners from all over the world. It is you who will be able to hear your favorite hits from popular albums in your city in a live performance.

Visit our site now to buy tickets in your city. The number of tickets is very limited due to the site capacity.

Miyagi & Andy Panda is the most popular Russian hip-hop duet that has won the hearts of many. The team was created in 2016 in Vladikavkaz. This is a duet of promising guys, such as Azamat Kudzaev (Miyagi) and Soslan Burnatsev (Andy Panda), who made a real revolution in Russian show business with their unusual performance style. In just a few months, they managed to top the popular charts, and their songs flooded all the Russia’s radio stations.

Today, Miyagi & Andy Panda songs are listened to both in Russia and far beyond the borders of the country.

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